Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Home Depot Update & Firing

I was so upset Saturday. Hubby went to rehook up the plumbing under the sink where the jerk had worked and he had torn up all the plumbing. He had even cracked one of the pipes in half!

Hubby is NOT a fighter. He hates to make waves or stand up for himself. Me on the other hand, I take awhile to get there but once you piss me off, watch out!

So J. just went out and got the parts to fix the sink without really letting me know what was going on. When he got back and I saw he had all these new plumbing pipes I asked him what that was for and he told me.

Wow! I saw red! So not only did this guy come into my home and be extremely rude and intimidating but he also tore up the plumbing! I immediately took the receipt from my husband along with all the paperwork, torn up pipes,and the receipt from the counter top job and went up to Home Depot.

I demanded to see the manager. Not an assistant manager, the store manager. After calmly but firmly explaining the situation to him and showing him my evidence he apologized and told me that he would call the company first thing Monday morning and get back to me by noon.

Well, I worked yesterday and forgot to give him my work number but when I got home there were 2 messages from him apologizing all over the place and asking me to please call him back at my earliest convenience. I tried to call him back but he had already left for the day.

First thing this morning he called me back and after apologizing yet again he informed me that this guy would never be working for Home Depot again and that to make up for the inconvenience he had gotten an estimate from a plumber about how much he would charge for fixing the sink and asked if a $300 refund would cover the damages. Since J. had fixed it on Saturday for a total of $60, I told him that would be fine.

So I have to say that I am pleased with the way things turned out. Minus the cost of fixing the bathroom plumbing it ended up costing us $160 for our new counter tops.

However, that good news was dampened quite a bit by the fact that this morning my boss called me up to inform me that he just wasn't generating enough new business to justify paying my paycheck any longer and that he had to let me go. Ok, I knew this was coming because he has been hinting at it for awhile, but why couldn't he have told me in person? To just call me up and tell me that he is letting me go?

So I went over and turned in my keys and filled in the other woman that works there on everything I had been working on and picked up my final check. He was really nice and I could tell he was feeling horrible about letting me go.

I have been really depressed today. It was sheer luck that I got that job at all and even if he gives me a great recommendation like he said he would, will it be enough to get me another office job when I only worked for him for 2 months?

Anyway, I am still really upset so I won't bring everyone else down with it. Tomorrow is a new day, right?