Friday, June 8, 2007

UPDATE: New Bathroom Counter Tops, Very Bad Service

I am so angry right now I can't even enjoy my new bathroom counter tops. The guy that came out and did the measurement and pre-inspection was awesome! He was friendly, patient with my seemingly endless questions, and thorough.

The guys that just installed my counter tops on the other hand.... Rude, impatient, and awful.

They came in and barely even muttered a hello, grunted directions to their work areas, and got right to work. Ok so they weren't big talkers no big deal, right? Then they continually left the front door standing wide open. I asked politely if they could close the door behind them since it is 90 degrees here today and the one guy actually rolled his eyes at me and just kept going.

So I leave them alone until they had been here about an hour and then go back and ask them if they would like anything to drink. The one guy in my main bathroom just shakes his head no and goes back to work, the other one in my daughter's bathroom grunts "nope" and turns his back on me.

All right, fine so I just go on about my business until they come to me and inform me that they are done. The one really rude guy shoves the sign-off paper in my face says to check everything off so they can go. I ask if I can at least look the work over first and he freaking rolls his eyes again and holds his arm out in the "after you" gesture.

I go back and look over the main bathroom. It looks pretty good. I am really happy with that one and I tell them what a wonderful job they did. The guy that did the work in there actually smiled and said thanks to that.

We go across the hall into my daughter's room and the sink is laying in the middle of the floor. I'm like, whats this? and the really rude guy mumbles something about how he had to take the rim off to make the hole the right size. I say, "Ok no problem but can you put it back in for me?" He sighs heavily and says, "if you want" I say, "Yeah, I would really appreciate it."

So I start filling out the form checking things off and he is just standing there. So I leave the one about all faucets, sinks, ect. have been reinstalled and tell him I will check that one and sign after he puts the sink back in.

He stomps over grabs up the sink, puts the seal back over it and slams it into the counter. At this point I just really want him out of my home so I signed the damn paper and he snatched from my hand, turned around and stalked out of the room. A few seconds later my front door slams.

What the hell? Is this supposed to be service? The guys that came over Tues. to install my daughter's bedroom carpet could barely speak English but they were friendly and courteous and invited me to thoroughly inspect their work before even presenting me with paperwork to sign. I couldn't have been happier with them and that doesn't even include the wonderful job they did.

After the counter top guys left I took a chance to really look things over and once again I was really pleased with my main bathroom. However, my daughter's bathroom counter top is a mess. He didn't caulk the sink back in, he tore several chunks out of the front of her counter and it's pretty beat up looking now, and he didn't even take the time to clean up the counter top from the caulk, glue or what ever it is he used to install it.

I immediately called the number on the work sheet that he gave me and filed a complaint. The woman I talked to said that she would tell her supervisor and get back to me.

After I got off the phone with her I came in and started blogging out my anger, doesn't seem to have helped much though. I am still waiting to hear back. I will fill everyone in once I do.

Am I over-reacting? Is it wrong to expect good customer service from workmen? I am asking because this is only my second experience with it and maybe I am making a big deal out of nothing.

UPDATE: Well, the company that did the install, never did get back to me this afternoon like they promised. Since I never heard back from them I called Home Depot. Unfortunately, I didn't get any satisfaction there either. They said they would check into it and would get back to me by Tues. evening.

I'm sorry but that is just not good enough. I have spent well over $3000 at Home Depot in the last month and had planned on spending a lot more before we get done with our remodel. I have been very pleased with my experience with them until today. It's very frustrating that they are being so cavalier about the way I was treated. I don't really know what to do about it at this point though.

I am not normally one to pitch a fit, but the way I was treated over this is just not acceptable. I guess the only recourse I have is to discontinue my patronage to Home Depot (which I really hate to do) and tell anyone I come across about my poor experience.

It's not as if I am expecting a refund or anything like that, just an honest apology and assurances that the men who behaved this way will at least be talked to about their terrible customer service.

I wonder if my husband had been here if they would have behaved that way?

Anyway I need to go but I just wanted to give a quick update of the situation.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Garage is Flooded

My son woke me up this morning to tell me that someone was washing clothes in our garage. When I went to check it out I found that the hot water hose to the washer had burst and had been spraying water all over our garage, God only knows how long.

EVERYTHING was soaked. Luckily, my hubby had gotten a lot of the garage cleaned out last Friday but still there was all of our holiday decorations, some of my kitchen stuff I had been procrastinating getting put away, but worst of all, all of our memento stuff from his and my childhoods has ben drenched.

We thought those boxes would be safe from anything short of a tornado since we put them on the far wall and on the top of the 4 box high stack..... Uh No. When the hose burst it shot in a fan shape clear across the garage. Drenching those boxes first.

I don't know what condition all of my childhood memory stuff is in since I had to get ready and go to work. Hubby was off today though and he was working on drying everything out and salvaging what he can.

I don't know how long the water leak lasted but there were at least 2 inches of standing water in the garage when we got to it.

I shouldn't have come into work today. All I can think about is the mess at home. Well, better log off for now my boss' daughters stopped by.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Moved In....FINALLY!

Well, we are finally all moved in. We finished up with the storage last Monday and turned in the keys to the apartment on Wednesday. Today the cable guy came and got us back into the 21st century.

We still don't have the good computer fixed but we do still have our crappy old one so at least I can still surf and blog. Just no pics. I am thinking of uploading them to my computer at work though and doing a blog entry on my lunch break. Hopefully my boss will be ok with that.

We also got the carpet in my daughter's room installed today. Home Depot rocks! We got such a great deal on it, the installers did a wonderful job, and the Depot even sent over someone after it was done to check over the quality of the work and to see if we were satisfied.

Friday we are getting the counter tops in the main bathroom and my daughter's bath installed. I can't wait. We are just doing Wilsonart laminate counter tops in there but the update is going to be huge.

Also I picked up the floor tile from Home Depot the other day. I love it but I am really scared about installing it myself. I got a book on installing ceramic tile and I plan to research it thoroughly on the net now that we have access to it again. I was hoping hubby would cut the tiles for me when we rent the wet saw but he says that he is really afraid of ruining it so I think I will ask my uncle. He says he has experience with ceramic tile. Anyone that has experience with doing bathroom ceramic floor tile, any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. I am going to start with my daughter's bathroom since no one is ever in there except her and her friends and I won't feel so badly if it doesn't go well.

Luckily, we still have a lot of unpacking left to do so I don't have to feel guilty about putting off the tile project for awhile until I feel more prepared to take it on.

Oh, my son has already become great friends with a couple of boys at the end of the cul-de-sac and Sunday their parents came by to meet me. They were just wonderful! So far every neighbor we have met has been just great. They also seem to think their landlord might be interested in buying the cabinets in my 2nd kitchen.

I really wanted to try and use them in my main kitchen to enlarge it but I am thinking that I really like having the breakfast nook and don't know if I want to give up the space just to have an enormous kitchen. Plus there is real pressure on me to get the 2nd kitchen gutted ASAP and turned into a media room since my hubby has taken over the formal dining room as a media room. I REALLY want my formal dining room back.

Ok I have to get off of here and finish going through all my kitchen stuff. I stored a lot of it in storage the last couple of years and I have to decide what I am going to keep and what can be donated to the local women's shelter.

Speaking of which, if you ever have household items, clothing, or bedding the local women's shelters are thrilled for any donations. A lot of times battered women and their children are lucky to get away with nothing more than the clothes on their backs so they need anything they can get.

All right, I am signing off for the day, but now that we are moved in I hope my posts get back to being updated on a more regular basis. Have a great day all!