Wednesday, April 25, 2007

6 Days to Close?

Well, where to start? I guess with the latest on the Inspector/Contractor situation. Eddie still hasn't gotten the bond situation taken care of but not because of lack of trying. However, as much as we like him and want him to be the one to do the work we are running out of time here. Our close date is only 6 days away, including today, so we are going to have to go a different route. Natalie is meeting with another guy this morning and if his estimate is anywhere comparable to Eddie's then we are going with him.

One wonderful thing happened yesterday. Mat called to let us know that we have final approval on the loan pending final VA approval. So at least that is one more thing on our part that is out of the way.

He also wanted to know if we were switching insurance or not to the cheaper quote he got us from his insurance guy. We definitely want to switch the house insurance but we just got through switching and paying for 6 months of car insurance with our current carrier. I am concerned that it would be rude to just up and change everything on the guy less than 3 weeks after we have been with them.

Natalie also discussed title insurance with us. So I guess we need another $600 at closing for that. We didn't really understand what it was or how it worked but after a quick google search I totally understand why we need it, not that it's an option since it is required with any mortgage purchase. I think I will try and shop around for a better price though since Oklahoma doesn't have set regulations on the premiums we might be able to get a better deal.

Well, that's about all the news on the house until later today but there is some news on my job. Valerie, the other lady that works for Tim on the days that I am off came in last Friday and talked to Tim about possibly going from 3 days a week to 2. I think though that Tim got the impression that she might be quitting soon to stay home with her baby and he asked me on Monday if I would be willing to go to full time sooner. I just can't until June when we are all moved into the house.

J. and my mother don't seem to understand why I can't just get things done on the house in my time off. I haven't been a part of the work force for a very long time I need to gradually work my way to a full time position besides the fact that I have got to scrub down the new house, paint the ceilings and walls of the new house, get the carpets cleaned, pack, move, scrub down the apartment, and unpack. And that's just all of the major things I have to do. It doesn't even include small things like setting up or switching over utilities, shopping for paint, finding boxes, ect.

Tim was great about the fact that I have so much going on next month that I just can not go to full time until June. J. and my mother on the other hand seem to think I have super powers or something and can just do it all no problem. Sorry, I know my limits and I am already going to be overwhelmed, I am not going to try and do everything in the evenings and weekends.

I am really excited about the idea that I may get to go to full time a lot sooner than I thought. That is going to be great! Extra money for the remodeling projects and new furniture. First remodeling job I really want to do is take out a small non-load bearing wall separating the first kitchen from the breakfast nook and enlarge the kitchen by using the breakfast nook area. I think as long as we are careful we can use the cabinets from the 2nd kitchen to do the job. Of course we will have to paint all of them to match and get matching hardware but that will save us a lot of money if we can just reuse them. Then we will just need new counter tops and flooring tabletop stove and double oven. I would love to go with a more expensive counter top but I think for now we are going to go with Wilsonart laminate. As far as the flooring, I do want to go with laminate flooring in the kitchen and hallway areas.

As soon as we close I will go over and take before pictures of the house to put up here on the blog and I will continue to post pictures as we do work or add furniture to the house. After we close the blog will become about our experience into remodeling and turning the house into our home.

I know this post has been pretty random but that's what happens when I get up at 4:30 a.m. LOL Hopefully my next post will be more concentrated. Have a good day!

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