Monday, April 30, 2007

Will We Close Today?

Sorry no new posts for awhile. Things have been pretty crazy around here. My aunt/best friend got married this weekend and I was really busy with that, especially since both my kids were part of the wedding party.

We are set to close at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon but it's still a toss up whether it will happen today or not. Personally I hope we don't close today. Mat said if we close tomorrow that means we will have to bring a bit of money to close to cover interest but our first payment won't be until July. If we close today our first payment is in June. We would really like the extra month to get a few things done to the house.

I am waiting to hear from Natalie on whether the work got done Saturday, the VA inspector got over this morning to sign off on the work and if they got the title situation taken care of. Sure seems like a lot to have done before 4:00 today.

I have to admit though, I am getting really excited. I haven't been able to even sit down for long. I just can't believe all the good things that have come our way lately. First the house came out of no where and then my job (which is going wonderfully by the way, I start 3 days a week next week). I am so grateful for all the wonderful people in our lives that have helped us to get here and are continuing to be so wonderful to us.

My sister-in-law majored in interior design and I have always been so impressed with her sense of style. I talked to her yesterday and we are going to get together this weekend to go over paint swatches, counter top colors, and flooring options.

I want to try to make some decisions about what we are doing with the house, especially before the 19th. We are going to have a paint party/BB-Q that Saturday. So many people have offered to help us paint I am just overwhelmed. I think we are going to have a total of 7 people there to help with it.

I am going to borrow my mom's camera and take pictures of the house before we do anything to it and try to post them here on the blog (gotta figure out how to do that first though lol). Then as we get things done I will add pictures to show the work or additions.

A few things I know we are going to do as finances allow are: 1) Gutting the 2nd kitchen and making it into a media room 2) Take out a non-load bearing wall in the main kitchen and (hopefully) use the counters out of the 2nd kitchen to have the kitchen encompass the breakfast nook, get new counter tops for the kitchen, new flooring. Then paint and get hardware so the kitchen matches. 3) Get rid of the ugly chocolate shag carpeting in my daughter's room and put regular carpet to match the rest of the house. 4) Get rid of the carpet in 2 of the bathrooms and put down tile. 5) Get rid of the carpet in the hallways and put down the same kind of laminate flooring we plan to use in the kitchen. 6) Buy furniture.

Some things we have decided to do as far as decor are: 1) I have always loved Asian decor so I have decided to do the living and dining areas with it. I found the furniture I want yesterday I will try and post pics of it to get opinions. 2) J. is a huge Seahawks fan so we are going to do the Game room in Seahawks colors. (which actually works out since there is blue carpeting in there. He is going to paint the bottom of the walls Seahawk's gray with a wainscoting? strip of Seahawk's green and the top is going to be Seahawk's blue. 3) T. our daughter wanted her room to be hot pink and hot orange but thank god she has decided against it and is going to go with lavender instead so she can decorate with dragons and fairies.

Well, I better close so I can be ready if Natalie calls and says we are closing today but before I do there was one additional thing I would like to address. Any income made from this blog will go directly into the house remodel. I will keep receipts and post them here on the blog so expenditures will be verified.......

Oh Yea! Natialie just called and everything has come back except the official paperwork from the VA inspector so it looks like we are closing today! Be back later tonight to fill you all in!

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