Thursday, April 19, 2007

$825 More Out Of Pocket

The seller finally sent back the paperwork today but I don't know how I feel about this new development. On top of us raising the sales price on the house $600 to help with the repairs the VA is requiring they wanted $825 more in earnest money in addition to the $500 we already put down. The estimate for the repairs is $1325.

To make matters worse, the way their realtor worded the new codicil to the contract is that if for ANY reason we don't close on the 30th we lose all of our earnest money. Well Natalie wasn't about to let that go so we countered yet again saying that if we can't close on the 30th because it is the buyers (our) fault we lose the earnest money. Which once again leaves us waiting on their realtor but we just couldn't chance losing everything considering the penchant for procrastinating that their realtor has.

The other strange thing is that even though the seller will be paying for the repairs they are leaving it to us to hire the guy to get the work done. Natalie loves this though because she has already got everything set up and ready to go the second we get the papers back from the seller. The guy that's doing the work (Eddie) is the same one that did our inspections. Eddie also did the new cost estimate for the work required by the VA and he said that he can get in there and get this done with his men in 2 days. He said that if we can get the go ahead by Saturday that he will be there Sunday and have it finished by Monday evening.

We are crossing our fingers that their realtor doesn't drag his feet for once and gets the sellers in there tomorrow while they are off work to get this taken care of. As it is everything is going to be close because even if Eddie and his guys get it done by Monday we will still have to get the VA Appraiser back out by the end of next week to approve the work and sign off on it.

I think I am going to call Natalie in the morning and see what kind of time line we are looking at here and what is left on our end to do after we get the VA back out. If there is anything else I am worried we just won't get it all done in time.

I can't wait until this thing is done. I am not used to being so stressed and worried. I swear I am not normally this negative, in fact I am usually very positive. LOL Speaking of positive, on a positive note, I have lost almost 10 pounds in the last 3 weeks because of the stress and I can definitely stand to lose it! *wink*

Well, hopefully I will have another post early tomorrow thrilled about the fact that the sellers actually did something in a timely manner for once. Here's keeping my fingers crossed until tomorrow!

Have a good evening all!

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