Sunday, April 15, 2007

News I Didn't Get To Mention

First off, still no news from Natalie about whether or not the Seller's agent has spoken to them about the VA Appraisal.

We are really having a problem with the Seller's agent. I have never seen anything like this. When we sent him the original offer he blew off telling the seller's he had even received it until the next evening because he was too busy showing the house to other people. Why would he do that? He had an offer on the table, if the sellers accepted it (which they did, other than a minor counter offer) wasn't he just wasting his time?

Mat called him on Tuesday to let him know that the VA Appraisal results were in and to discuss them with him. He ended up having to explain what a VA Appraisal is! Then when Natalie called him back the next day to find out what the sellers had to say he informed her that he was too busy to get with them about this and he would "try" to get to it tomorrow.

She has been trying really hard to give him the benefit of a doubt and not bad mouth him but I can tell it's getting harder for her to keep her personal thoughts of him to herself. She thought that maybe he just didn't want to take bad news to the sellers until he had all of the information in front of him (i.e. the VA Appraisal report, the new more realistic cost estimate, and the permission paper from the VA showing that it was ok to switch to a tankless (not flameless as I thought LOL) hot water heater vs enclosing the current one, and the new raised offer to help cover the costs with the codicil that we will cover any closing costs at closing that they have to dip into to cover the repairs). However, she sent him that information Friday afternoon and still no word.

I just don't understand why a realtor would behave this way. If anyone out there reading this has any ideas please feel free to post or email me with your thoughts because J. and I are really confused by this.

On a lighter note, another item I didn't get to discuss due to the extreme length of my first 2 posts is the fact that I got a job last Wednesday. My Step-dad went in to pay his insurance and his insurance agent/nephews father-in-law was telling him how much he needed to hire someone to help out around there. I was mentioned and before I knew it I had an interview with him Wed. morning and a job by noon.

Tim (my new boss) seems like a wonderful man to work for. At first anyway, the hours are perfect. I will be working Mondays and Thursdays from 8:30 - 5:30, starts out at $8 an hour. I know it probably doesn't sound so great but right now while I have to take care of so much for the house and later getting the house ready to move into, then moving 2 days a week is perfect. The pay, well I would have been overjoyed with it 3 weeks ago as I have been having a terrible time even getting an interview with anyplace other than minimum wage because I have been out of the job market for so long and have little experience and no higher education to draw on. I have to be honest though, after talking to my friend about the income potential from doing daycare again, $400 a month is a little difficult to swallow.

I know, I know I feel horrible because on the one hand I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to FINALLY be getting out of the house again after 12 years of being housebound with the kids but I guess what really bothers me is that I feel so strongly that I do have talents that are not being realized by taking this job and J. is perfectly happy to let me settle for a job that may or may not ever increase in hours or pay with no benefits, when I could be contributing so much more to our family.

I think I am also really scared. I haven't been outside the home to work in so long, what if I screw it up? What if I really am unmarketable? What if I can't ever make a job in the real world work again because I have been out of the loop so long? Tim seems like an awesome guy and he is willing to give me a shot that no one else has. What if I let him down?

Wow I just went back and reread that, I don't want to end the post on such a downer so here is a joke to lighten things up that my realtor told me to end our call yesterday on a high note:

Three women were sitting in a hot tub naked, two in their mid twenties and one in her late forties. One of the young women started ringing so she lifted her hand to her ear and started talking into it. When she finished she looked at the other two women and said, "microchip cell phone, had it implanted last week." A few minutes later the other young woman tapped her ear and they started hearing music, at the other women's blank looks she said, "Ipod microchip, I got it just yesterday." Finally feeling left out the older woman excused herself to the restroom and came back a few minutes later with a piece of toilet paper hanging down. The two young ladies brought it too her attention and she said, "would you look at that I am getting a fax!"

Ok bad joke but it did make me feel better after Natalie told it to me so maybe it will make you feel better too.

Have a good one guys!


Sprezzatura said...

Going back to work in an office after time off is scary; I know. I only had about a 4-year gap and was nervous enough, after 3 times that it must be even worse. Try to relax! You'll be fine. Everyone is freaky when they start a new job.

$8 an hour isn't kingly wages, but it's not bad for a starting salary after so long a gap. If the job works out and you start taking on more responsibility or find ways to save the company money, you can always ask for a raise, too. You have nowhere to go but up.

Kerriella said...

Thank you so much for the words of encouragement. I am just such a bundle of nerves right now. Tim has already talked to me about opportunities for more hours and pay increases as I become more comfortable and adept at the job but that depends solely on my ablitly to adapt to a work environment and it scares the crap out of me. LOL

Don said...

In regards to the seller's agent, report them to the licensing board, as well as any professional group they belong to. Make sure you document everything. Also, be sure to let the seller know what their agent is doing so they can do the same.

Lazy agents make everyone else look bad, and should be asking you if you want fries with your meal, not what your offer is.

Sac RE Agent said...

kerriella, it's always interesting for me, as a real estate agent, to get another perspective on a real estate transaction. i'm not sure what the seller's agent has done to get 'reported' to any boards or groups, but real estate transactions don't always go as fast or smooth as you wish. doesn't matter what party you are in the transaction.

the agent may have been showing the house to another potential buyer in the hopes of getting another offer on the home. i always feel better presenting multiple offers to sellers versus only one offer. the seller's agent is working for the seller, trying to get them the best offer for their house.

also, what was the timeframe inwhich the agent was to get back to you or your agent with a response? 24 hours? 48 hours? maybe 72 hours? if you got your response within the timeframe, i'm not sure what the problem is.

just my thoughts.

Kerriella said...

Sac RE Agent, the situation with the offer was that the seller knows us, wants to sell to us, knew that we sent out the offer the night before and THEY were waiting to hear from THEIR agent about it so they could go over it.

As far as whats going on now with the VA Appraisal, what excuse could he possibly have to STILL not even tried to get ahold of his clients 4 days AFTER he found out that there are items that his clients must do to get the VA approval on the deal, especially since the deal can't move forward until those items are taken care of.

Sac RE Agent said...

Please let me apologize for the seller's agent not making a phone call at 9pm to his clients. I can't speak for that agent, but I do have a personal life and am not a real estate agent 24/7.

Regarding the list of repairs not having been shown to the sellers, maybe the agent is out of town. I don't know. But I understand how this can frustrate you.

Sorry I didn't wish you good luck on the new job. I'm sure you'll do fine.

Kerriella said...

Sac RE Agent,

I think we are having a misunderstanding, I totally agree that RE Agents should have a life of their own and not be on call 24/7. I LOVE my RE Agent and would recommend her in a heartbeat. We are mainly just confused at the sellers seemingly lack of motivation towards his clients.

I don't claim to have extensive knowledge into the inner workings of being a real estate agent which is why I would love your thoughts as an experienced RE on his seemingly lack of interest.

I honestly didn't mean to offend RE Agents. Goodness, I would be lost without Natalie's guidance. However if I did offend you I am sorry, that wasn't my intent.

I truly am curious as to why someone would take so long to present the information to his client. Tuesday will have been a week since he talked to Mat.

Maybe it's just that we are so invested in this. We have fallen totally in love with the home and if the sellers decide they won't do the repairs the VA is requiring then we don't get the house. The thought is really upsetting and I guess my fears are coming across as anger and frustration in the blog.

Thanks by the way for the well wishes on my first day at work tomorrow. I really appreciate your kind thoughts.

Sac RE Agent said...

Buying or selling a home is a very stressful time for just about everyone. So you're no different than anyone else during this process. I don't know if this is your first home, but my experience with first time homebuyers is that they are even more stressed by the process. I'm not saying this in any sort of mean or bad way. It is just an observation. I know it's difficult, but try to step away emotionally from the transaction as much as you can.

As for the seller's agent not having talked to his/her clients about the VA's list of repairs, it does seem strange that no conversation has taken place over the past few days regarding them. What is your agent telling you regarding this delay? You might also ask your agent what else could potentially come up as an issue. Issues can be resolved with all parties content with the outcome, but having an idea of what issues are out there, does help to relieve some stress.