Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Way Too Busy

I am so sorry I haven't blogged in almost a week. Things have been crazy busy with me trying to get the house whipped into shape for the paint party this Saturday. I have finished painting the ceilings, got the walls washed, spackled and sanded, got the living room and dining room primed, and as a Mother's Day gift to myself I splurged by wasting time painting my living room. I still have to do the trim in the living room though.

Tomorrow and Friday I will be working on taking all the trim off the walls and the doors off the cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms so it can all be painted Saturday. I will also be finishing up the priming in the 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, breakfast nook, and kitchen.

Something really wonderful happened. I stopped by the casino by our house Saturday night on my way back to the apartment from putting in a 15 hour day at the house and ended up winning $2000 soooo I immediately went over to Home Depot and set up to have the floors in the main bathroom, T.'s bathroom, T.'s bedroom, and the hallway done.

They came out this morning to measure the areas. Now I am just waiting for them to order my flooring and then we can set up a date to have it installed. In the bathrooms I am having ceramic tile put down called Asian Black. T. picked out a basic beige carpet for her room so we are going to get rid of the ugly chocolate brown shag carpet. YEA! And in the hallway I am having the carpet taken out because it is different than the carpet in the bedrooms and I hate the way it looks going from one kind of carpet into another kind so I got laminate flooring called Manchurian walnut to go in the hall. Because of the $99 flat fee for installation I am getting it all done for $1100

Oh and I am also having the bathroom vanities redone. It only cost $400 to do both the main bath and T.'s bath. They are going to be done in Wilsonart laminate called canyon black, a huge improvement over the swirly green and white 60's laminate that is on it now.

The other $500 we are saving for the taxes on the winnings. I took pics of the rooms to show what they look like before the work we are having done and then I will do after pics once we have them painted, floors installed and the vanity tops done in the bathrooms.

So next on the agenda is a new wall oven, counter top stove, counter tops, and flooring in the kitchen. I have been pricing it and it looks like we are looking at about $5000 for the kitchen remodel so that might happen a little at a time as we have money saved. After we get moved in J. is going to start saving his overtime money for house remodel. My paycheck is going for furniture.

Oh also it looks like my aunt is going to give us her foosball table as a house warming gift. So we will actually have something to go into the game room! Well, we are going to be using the game room as a family room until we get the money and opportunity to tear out the second kitchen.

I have so much more to tell but I have to leave to go to T.'s spring concert. Have a good evening all!