Monday, May 28, 2007

Power Surges, Packing, & Moving

I am really sorry I haven't posted in so long. Friday before last our apartment got hit with a major power surge and even though we had a power surge protector on our computer it still got zapped and now we don't have a computer until we can have it fixed (hopefully).

Other than that things have been extremely busy. The paint party went fairly well. We didn't get nearly as much accomplished as I had hoped but any help was greatly appreciated. I just can't thank my family enough for all their help and support.

Last week Hubby and I were busy packing and moving what we could. Then Saturday all the guys in my family came over and helped us move. We got the storage completely done but still have about 3 trips worth of stuff in the apartment. We hope to finish it today.

I have so many pics to put up but unfortunately the computer I am using to post this doesn't have a place to put in the memory card cause it's pretty old.

There are some problems we are encountering. First, we can't get the oven to work at all. We can get the pilot lit but the oven won't heat up at all. We knew it was old and would need replaced. We just didn't realize it would be right away. What I don't understand is that both the home inspector and the VA Inspector signed off on it as working. I guess we should have personally made sure it was in working condition but unfortunately we trusted the inspectors to do that for us.

Then, we got our fridge out of storage and it is not cooling correctly. The fridge is only cooling to 55 and the freezer is only getting down to 30. Luckily, my mom has an extra one that she is going to let us borrow until we get a new one or this one fixed.

The cook top stove won't keep the pilot lit so I have to light each burner as I want to use it. Which I can live with until we can get another one but all this appliance trouble is really depressing.

So it looks like buying furniture or continuing with the remodel is going to be put on hold while we use our extra income (overtime from hubby and my paychecks) to replace or fix appliances. Not fun stuff, like new furniture and floors, but I am grateful we have the resources to earn the money to get this taken care of (even if it is from loser w-2 jobs), lol hopefully by the end of July.

On another happier subject, my aunt told me she is working with my ex-sister-in-law to throw my family and I a house warming party the first Sat. in June. I'm really excited because I have never even attended a house warming party. LOL I'm not really sure what to expect. I do love the idea of inviting all of my family, friends, and new neighbors over to see our new home.

Well, I have to get over to the apartment to finish up but I just had to take time out to update the blog. I don't know if anyone even cares or not but I do like to have a record of how everything is going with the house saga so I can always look back on it. I just wish I had the time and now the computer to keep up with it better.

Anyway, if there is anyone out there reading this, have a great day and thanks for taking the time to share my life with me.


NoVa Sideliner said...

Don't worry about the time between posts. I can sure understand having no free/blog time when you're moving AND fixing up a house. (I tend to do only the former, not both unless I have to!)

Anyway, yes, there are people out here reading your blog -- and we're thankful we're not doing that house work ourselves. :-) It brings back too many sometimes fond but often weary memories.

Have fun at it! And keep blogging, if only for you to look back on it after a year's gone by.

Kerriella said...

Hey, thanks nova sideliner. I have been feeling guilty about not posting as often as I would like but unlike Casey, I do at least TRY to keep my priorities straight. LOL