Saturday, June 23, 2007

Casey Serin: An Off-Blog Topic Post

I know the focus of this blog is about my adventures into home ownership/ remodeling but since being let go from my job I have actually taken the time to get somewhat caught up on the Serin Saga. I promise a return to the normal boring posts of my own little saga but I would like to give my opinion of this whole mess.

Am I a hater? You betcha. Casey has been totally unrepentant in the fact that he has stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars, committed numerous counts of fraud, and worst of all, he has lied to, taken advantage of, and willfully destroyed the credit, dreams, and trust of the one person he VOWED to protect and cherish, all the while telling the entire world of it. Unfortunately those are only the grossest examples of his sordid story. Do I even have to go into the fact that he taints and abuses anyone that actually tries to help him out? Not to mention the fact that he has humiliated and dragged his entire family through the muck of semi-notoriety, and actually thought so little of his own mother that he dragged her into his sea of debt.

When I first found out about young snowflake through the USA Today article back in September, I admit I felt sorry for him and his situation. I thought that he had been brainwashed by the dregs of society, those infomercial, money grubbing, scam artists that take advantage of naive people hoping to get rich overnight and call themselves gurus. As time went by I began to shake my head at his obvious refusal to face reality and eventually began to despise his callous behavior towards his finances, family, and morality. However, as more information has been discovered about young Serin it becomes more and more obvious that he has had origins of becoming a scam artist himself since he was a teen-ager.

Opinions seem to differ greatly at the intelligence of Fliptard. He has screwed up everything he touches. I remember someone on Exurban Nation once referred to Casey as having the fecal touch vs the Midas touch. While I had a good laugh at this reference, it did seem to fit. At the same time, I admit, from the beginning, it has crossed my mind numerous times that there is just no way all this is real, it has to be an elaborate scam. Then Casey would blog about how he had screwed up yet another opportunity to help himself out of his situation and I would waffle back to the idea that Forrest Gump was a mental giant next to Casey Serin.

It's easy to get caught up in the drama of the day to day or week to week spiral into the gradual descent deeper insane situations, improbable relationships, and what has become the constant trolling that has become the IAFF blog. All though, I have been out of the loop somewhat over the last 2 months because of our house and my loser w-2 job and got out of the habit of following every little post about Murse Boy. I have only been scanning the threads for the most pertinent nuggets of information. Since losing my job this last week I have been taking the time to get caught up on the story.

I think Casey is more intelligent that a lot give him credit. I think Casey studied the gurus and their "success" stories and decided he could be like them. I think he went into the house buying orgy with the idea that if it worked and he flipped them great, wonderful. If he didn't and lost them, wow, what a great story.

How many of the so called gurus actually have walked the walk and talked the talk of what they feed to the masses? How many of them are rich not because of all the "hard" work to get where they are but because of their own charisma, charm, and the frenzy of the millions of people that dream of getting something for nothing, becoming rich over night without doing the work to get it?

I know a lot of people disagree with me, and I admit it is even hard for me to swallow but after thinking over everything that has come to surface about Casey Serin, it just seems more than probable that this whole thing is an elaborate scam to be the next guru. I also believe that part of the reason that more people refuse to even entertain the idea that Casey is pulling off one of the biggest scams ever is because everything he does (or in Casey's case doesn't do) and blogs about can only be explained by the fact that only a moron of stupendous proportions could make the decisions that Casey has. He is such a moron that we all sit back and marvel that his brain has enough function to allow him to breathe in and out so we couldn't POSSIBLY be fooled by someone with such a mental incapacity. YET how many people that have actually had occasion to be in the same proximity as Casey marveled at how charming, intelligent, and coherent he is? Pink's song Stupid Girls keeps coming to mind. How much easier is it to play stupid than intelligent?

Just think about it. If you follow everything about Casey that the haterz have found out through their own due diligence about Casey's background and largely ignore anything that Fliptard has blogged about you can almost see the chain of events that has him on the brink of being the next guru. The practice blog, the research on having a successful blog, being a media whore to get his blog ratings up, now the book and selling the blog?

Do I think that Casey is some genius that has followed a flawless scam? No, he has too big of an ego, he tips his hand a little too often. We all know he dreams of being a guru because he has blogged about it but no one really believes he can do it because he is such an imbecile. I think he is closer to reaching his goal that we are all giving him credit for. Personally, I wouldn't be a bit surprised to find out that the REAL book, home study courses, and seminars won't have a thing to do with foreclosure but in fact about building and monetizing a highly successful blog.

However, in closing, I don't believe for one second that if I am right about any of this, that it justifies or excuses any of the pain he has caused his family, the crimes that he has committed or the total lack of common decency, morals or ethics just to accomplish his goal.


biyatchi said...

Excellent post about FLiptard. Web 2.0 guru, blog guru, yeh, I can see it. How to make money being an attention whore. Yep, adds up. I still want him to do about 96 months.

Schnapps said...

Bang on, Kerriella, bang on. You're much more coherent than I am. :>

The amorality of his actions perturbs me. He may be intelligent, but when you add that to being amoral, there's a problem: extensive self-interest. He's only interested in what's good for him - and his exodus to Australia shows this. He doesn't care about anyone but himself, and anyone who suggests any sort of improvement is automatically a hater.

caseyNOTcasey said...

HI there!
I followed you over from ExurbanNation.
The Casey drama and Exurban nation's involvement with it is very convoluted and rife with petty intrigues.There are many behind the scenes discussions that go on without the general public being informed about them or their content.Robert Cote's current denial of Casey and Casey posts is a deliberate act to distance himself from the disaster that is Serin and attempt to recover whatever credibility that he can after becoming a public spectacle himself.Cote's online identity had become intertwined with Serin's and was attracting the wrong element to his blob (trolls).I do expect Exurban Nation to return to the Serin Saga in the near future because Cote has become as big an attention whore as Casey.

Kerriella said...

I don't really know what's going on with EN, can someone fill me in?

Things have gotten pretty weird over there lately. I really like and respect Rob (well as much as you can for someone on the internet) but I get the feeling that something is going on behind the scenes that is causing him to draw away from Casey. I could be totally wrong though since I haven't felt like wasing through the 400+ posts to try and weed out what's been going on.

I know he has been contending with a lot of trolls lately and perhaps that has something to do with it?

I don't want to take any of his traffic away from him or turn my blog into Exurban Nation The I Hate Casey Cronicles Part Deux. I am willing to be a temporary host though until Rob gets his bearings.

I also understand he has been on vacation and that saying "while the cat's away the mice will play comes to mind" but again I don't know what he has or hasn't said about this new "old EN timers" uprising.

I will say that if Rob has any problem at all with this I will stop immediately and go back to my regular obviously boring blog. LOL One thing about Casey, just the mention of him draws attention. My poor little blog about our new house just can't compare to the sensation that is **CASEY**. hehe

lawnmower man said...

I don't believe any of the so-called "old-time ENers" are real. I'm not sure I believe caseynotcasey is real either.

EN has been under sustained and heavy attack from trolls for most of the week. The "why don't you shut up about Casey" stuff is just the latest disruptive tactic.

Rob's on vacation and that, I believe, is the whole story. He's always allowed free comments, always moderated very lightly -- only the very nastiest stuff gets deleted.

His approach to trolls is, I believe, correct: starve them of oxygen by not engaging with them, and trust his real readers to ride through with him and continue intelligent discourse despite the disruption.

As for the origin and location of the trolls? Who knows. And really, who cares? They have nothing interesting to say. Their intent is only to disrupt. Why even be bothered by them? They're nobodies.

Rob will speak up as and when he sees fit. Do not let anyone else drive you away from EN.

Kerriella said...

Lawnmower Man,

I think you may be right. I was just over at EN rereading some of the most current posts from yesterday and none of these so called "old timers" even sound familiar.

I also saw that Rob is back so I am sure this whole thing will be adressed today and things can get somewhat back to normal over there.

Akubi said...

Excellent post Kerriella and don't concern yourself with the EN trolls.
Also, good luck with job hunt! That must really suck after just buying a new house :(.

Ogg the Caveman said...

I think Casey is more intelligent that a lot give him credit.

I think Casey is a prime example of how a reasonably intelligent person can still be a complete dumbass. Some have argued that he's mentally retarded, using his employment with Pride Industries as evidence. I don't buy it. For one thing there's the matter of Snowflake's mad tech skillz. He's apparently done some PHP programming in the past and while that's not rocket surgery I can't picture someone of below-average intelligence doing it, even badly. The other matter is his writing, which is above average except for his tendancy to confuse homophones. I've seen plenty of college-educated people write worse.

So how does he manage to screw up so badly? For one thing, he has no critical thinking skills. That sort of thing usually has to be learned, and nobody taught it to Fliptard. It's painfully clear that he doesn't know how to analyze a proposed deal or evaluate the credibility of a source. The other factor is his narcissism. His self-centered worldview blinds him not only to the harm he does to others but to the harm others are about to do to him. He doesn't see that he's about to get screwed becuase he's unable to view the situation from the other person's perspective.

I want to call him "book smart and street stupid" but that's not right. I've seen the kind of books he reads.

Sprezzatura said...

Actually, I called that "Casey wants to become a guru" possibility way back in late September.

lawnmower man said...

I tried writing a comment in response to Ogg but found I couldn't add much to his take: unshakable narcissistinc self-belief + a total lack of critical thinking = disaster.

JohnDiddler said...

It does have the markings of a con game, a confidence game, which after all relies on our ability to be fooled by our own over-confidence. We're not as dumb as Casey Serin.

Before I studied, Casey, I studied Ramit of iwillteachyoutoberich. I like Ramit, but he's no guru, and I stopped following his blog. He'd like you to think he's a guru, and works very hard to appear so. Ramit's legit, just young, and his approach to blogging has characteristics of a plausable scheme to become a "guru" of something. make a personal finance blog for young people, emphasize saving and the basics of finance, build, build, build traffic. who wouldn't want someone to teach us to be rich? Quite different from Casey, certainly more evolved and more plausable, but also eerily similar.

I personally believe so many stories are obvious in hindsight, but that's an illusion of intent. I don't think he has controlled the story, but rather he's followed what is only a logical progression in hindsight. Between Casey and Ramit, who will become a "guru" by sheer will and desire? Who works at it hard, as day-to-day effort goes? And how many slots are open, really? If it was his dream or intention, it's still not a likely outcome.

JohnDiddler said...

(Ramit and Casey attended high school together. Am I the only one who finds this wierd?)

NoVa Sideliner said...

Ogg says:

He doesn't see that he's about to get screwed becuase he's unable to view the situation from the other person's perspective.

You got it! I have a friend of mine who's got a lot of Casey characteristics. One of the worst (for him) is a total inability to put himself on the other side of a proposed deal.

As such, he's found himself out of a job over and over as he makes demands that are totally ridiculous to everyone else, like wanting to work 32 hours a week -- fine enough, but he demands a pay boost to keep his salary the same!

He thinks he's indispensible and so he tries to call the manager/company's bluff, and then when he's the first to get laid off, he has no idea why. "They're just ba----ds!"

And yet he continues through life like this, never picking up on it. I suspect that this empathy(?) thing is more innate and hardwired than learned, and this friend still can't get it after 40 years.

I expect that if Casey hasn't got it by 24, he'll never catch on, and he'll spend the rest of his life cursing the "ba----ds" and haterz, as if THEY are the cause of his problems.

I pity his wife and family.

Anonymous said...

Why do you care if Casey noticed your comment? Is that what you want? To be noticed? You were comment 4 and he did respond. Nowyou can get happy :-)

Anonymous said...

I see we have another neglected wife like Stephanie J. on how hands in Kerriella.

Anonymous said...

You invited the Casey drama in. Are you sure about that? Can you handle it? You will have to give up any semblance of a life that you have now. Get ready to spend hours out of your day in your house coat drinking coffee in front of the pc like FMW.

Rodrigo said...

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Hello Dooosh Baggs said...

The Casey drama spreads like a virus.
Kill it before it kills you!

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Prior to an herpes outbreak of genital herpes happens, you might knowledge any or all the pursuing:

1. Itching or using up within the vagina, labia and surrounding locations, such as the anus, upper legs and buttocks

two. Unusual vaginal discharge.

3. Swelling from the lymph nodes, combined having a feeling of pressure or bloating inside the abdominal location.

four. Flu like signs and symptoms including headache, nausea, fever, sore limbs (including legs and buttocks), muscle and joint pain.

five. Urinary discomfort or burning, or even a trouble urinating

[url=]Genital Herpes Symptoms[/url] in Girls - The Outbreak

When the [url=] herpes episode[/url] starts, you might experience the following:

1. The physical appearance of sores or blisters that will variety in sizing from tiny pimple sized dots to huge, coin sized sores. These sores will burst and scab above since the episode continues. They are able to look alone or in lesions, and will appear about the genitals, anus, buttocks and thighs.

2. A red, itching or using up rash.

3. Pain when urinating

four. Vaginal discharge.

Without having remedy, these [url=]]genital herpes signs and symptoms[/url] in ladies can occur on a monthly basis. In case you are experiencing any of those symptoms, especially if they are re-occuring regularly, you may have contracted genital herpes.

You can find extensive array of healthcare, homeopathic and organic therapies which are very successful, you need to instantly find therapy if you are going through any from the above.

Genital herpes includes a a lot larger effect than the physical. It may make girls really feel alone, ashamed, depressed and anxious. Should you believe you're enduring from herpes, you ought to find remedy, as lowering and controlling outbreaks can go a long way in direction of restoring your self esteem and confidence.

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