Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Garage is Flooded

My son woke me up this morning to tell me that someone was washing clothes in our garage. When I went to check it out I found that the hot water hose to the washer had burst and had been spraying water all over our garage, God only knows how long.

EVERYTHING was soaked. Luckily, my hubby had gotten a lot of the garage cleaned out last Friday but still there was all of our holiday decorations, some of my kitchen stuff I had been procrastinating getting put away, but worst of all, all of our memento stuff from his and my childhoods has ben drenched.

We thought those boxes would be safe from anything short of a tornado since we put them on the far wall and on the top of the 4 box high stack..... Uh No. When the hose burst it shot in a fan shape clear across the garage. Drenching those boxes first.

I don't know what condition all of my childhood memory stuff is in since I had to get ready and go to work. Hubby was off today though and he was working on drying everything out and salvaging what he can.

I don't know how long the water leak lasted but there were at least 2 inches of standing water in the garage when we got to it.

I shouldn't have come into work today. All I can think about is the mess at home. Well, better log off for now my boss' daughters stopped by.


NoVa Sideliner said...

Oh, bummer... So even the trick of putting your boxes on pallets would not have helped, since the water was spraying in the air. :-(

I was so paranoid about that kind of thing that when we moved into our house I bought the stainless-steel-mesh hoses, having seen and repaired some earlier water damage in that spot by the washer.

Not only that, but I've even got water alarms under the washer, the air conditioner drain, and even some of the sinks, so we'll know soon if anything leaks out of sight -- assuming we're home, that is.

You want to know bad? This is bad: A friend of my mom's had the same thing happen with his washer hose inside a concrete-block-wall house while on vacation.

When they returned one night, he couldn't open the door. Then his wife saw water leaking out slowy under it! The water had got all the way up to tub/toilet level, and that's the only way it was getting out of the house.

Can you say total house renovation? They were stuck in a rented apartment for half a year.

That's why I like washing machines in the GARAGE!

Kerriella said...

wow nova, that would have totally sucked. I have to say in light of your story and what happened to us that I am glad now that the VA insisted on putting that stupid wall around our hot water heater in the back of the house and we weren't able to use that laundry area. I can't even imagine the mess if we had put the washer and dryer back there.