Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Moved In....FINALLY!

Well, we are finally all moved in. We finished up with the storage last Monday and turned in the keys to the apartment on Wednesday. Today the cable guy came and got us back into the 21st century.

We still don't have the good computer fixed but we do still have our crappy old one so at least I can still surf and blog. Just no pics. I am thinking of uploading them to my computer at work though and doing a blog entry on my lunch break. Hopefully my boss will be ok with that.

We also got the carpet in my daughter's room installed today. Home Depot rocks! We got such a great deal on it, the installers did a wonderful job, and the Depot even sent over someone after it was done to check over the quality of the work and to see if we were satisfied.

Friday we are getting the counter tops in the main bathroom and my daughter's bath installed. I can't wait. We are just doing Wilsonart laminate counter tops in there but the update is going to be huge.

Also I picked up the floor tile from Home Depot the other day. I love it but I am really scared about installing it myself. I got a book on installing ceramic tile and I plan to research it thoroughly on the net now that we have access to it again. I was hoping hubby would cut the tiles for me when we rent the wet saw but he says that he is really afraid of ruining it so I think I will ask my uncle. He says he has experience with ceramic tile. Anyone that has experience with doing bathroom ceramic floor tile, any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. I am going to start with my daughter's bathroom since no one is ever in there except her and her friends and I won't feel so badly if it doesn't go well.

Luckily, we still have a lot of unpacking left to do so I don't have to feel guilty about putting off the tile project for awhile until I feel more prepared to take it on.

Oh, my son has already become great friends with a couple of boys at the end of the cul-de-sac and Sunday their parents came by to meet me. They were just wonderful! So far every neighbor we have met has been just great. They also seem to think their landlord might be interested in buying the cabinets in my 2nd kitchen.

I really wanted to try and use them in my main kitchen to enlarge it but I am thinking that I really like having the breakfast nook and don't know if I want to give up the space just to have an enormous kitchen. Plus there is real pressure on me to get the 2nd kitchen gutted ASAP and turned into a media room since my hubby has taken over the formal dining room as a media room. I REALLY want my formal dining room back.

Ok I have to get off of here and finish going through all my kitchen stuff. I stored a lot of it in storage the last couple of years and I have to decide what I am going to keep and what can be donated to the local women's shelter.

Speaking of which, if you ever have household items, clothing, or bedding the local women's shelters are thrilled for any donations. A lot of times battered women and their children are lucky to get away with nothing more than the clothes on their backs so they need anything they can get.

All right, I am signing off for the day, but now that we are moved in I hope my posts get back to being updated on a more regular basis. Have a great day all!

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