Monday, April 30, 2007

Looks Like No Close Today After All

Natalie just called back. The VA Appraiser is being a pain. It's not that the work wasn't done to the house to meet standards. He just doesn't like the way it was done. Natalie is on the phone with him now fighting it out and will call me back. I will update this post as I get news.

LOL looks like we will get that extra month before our payments start after all. I am trying not to be super disappointed or worried. I hate being in limbo like this.

I just got off the phone with my realtor and the 3 things that kept us from closing today are just insane! Only 1 of them is even relevant. There was a place on the front porch soffit that needed a small repair, the sellers repaired it but didn't repaint it. Ok I understand that one, but then he claimed that the smoke detectors they put in didn't work. My realtor tested them 3 times in 30 minutes and they worked every time. Then they had to enclose and raise a water heater, again no problem except today he didn't care for the way they hung the door. They hung it for easy access and he thought it should be hung to be more asthetically pleasing. ARGH!But supposedly we are back on to close first thing in the morning so we will see. Next time I will wait to get excited until after we have keys in hand. LOL


Sprezzatura said...

Here's a link to Blogger's "how to post pictures" guide.

Kerriella said...

Thank you sprezzatura, that is going to help a lot. My mom brought the camera over this morning. I am hoping to get over to the house this afternoon and get some pictures taken. Hopefully I can get them up on the blog this evening.