Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Ugh! Painting Ceilings Sucks!

I went over today to start painting the ceilings. Wow, what a fiasco that was! I am so tired I really just want to go to bed but I really want to post today's activities while it's fresh on my mind (though I doubt i will ever forget today! lol) My step-dad was going to let me borrow his paint sprayer since the ceilings are that blown crap but it turned out that his wasn't intended for use with latex paint so off to Wal-Mart I went.

I found one of those rollers that supposedly dispenses paint so you don't have to constantly reapply paint. Big mistake! I ended up throwing it on my front porch in frustration only to have to clean up the paint mess I made by doing so. Do NOT get one of those things! I ended up with paint gushing out all over myself. LOL

I don't know what I was thinking but I didn't get a backup roller and extension for just in case so I was stuck with the little half sized one that I got to go around the light fixtures. I should have just gone back over and gotten them though even though I looked like a painted idiot. Vanity ended up costing me a lot of time and extremely sore arms. In the end I got half of the living room primed.

Well, my mom just called and she went out and bought one of the paint sprayers that is for use with latex paint so hopefully Friday will go much better....but just to be on the safe side I am hitting Wal-Mart tomorrow on my lunch break.

One thing I did accomplish though was getting the front door primed and ready to be painted Friday. I was hoping to paint it today but it was rainy all day and the moisture in the air made the primer slow to dry. I also went through the house and did a detailed inventory of everything that needs to be done, then went around removing nails from the walls. 94 nails in all. What the heck did they need so many nails for?

I didn't get the ugly boy statue off the back deck yet. I did get a chance during a break in the rain to look it over and it's not attached, just really heavy and covered with bugs and little spider corpses, so when I go back I am taking my rubber gloves and that eyesore will be taken care of.

After spending the day at the house I am really getting excited. I think just by getting the ceilings and walls painted and getting the carpets cleaned the house is going to look 1000% better.

I really need to buy a digital camera tomorrow so I don't have to borrow my mom's all the time. I wanted to take pictures today of what little I did get accomplished but didn't have a camera. I also need to find a better way to post pictures on the blog. Yesterday was a pain having to make 3 posts to get enough of them on here to give people an idea of what the before status of the house is.


Anonymous said...

Wow Kerriella, you sound like a total mooch...just like Casey. You borrow a digital camera to vainly blog about your house purchase nobody gives a shit about and you rely on mummy and daddy to provide a paint sprayer for you. Mooch!

I suppose throwing a hissy fit on your front porch is \\\"all good,\\\" isn\\\'t it?

Kerriella said...

I guess I should feel privileged to warrant my first troll/hater.

I wonder why you feel the need to come to my little blog and spew your negativity under the cloak of anonymity?

I won't defend myself or actions as it will only encourage you so I will leave it at have a pleasant evening and thanks for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

painting popcorn ceilings sucks big time. but at the end of the day, you're able to sit back and say, 'it's all mine'.

sure, your blog doesn't have thousands of people reading it but you didn't commit mortgage fraud as well as have four houses foreclosed upon. it's all good!

Sprezzatura said...

Kerriella -- Here are a couple of options for posting pictures online: Flickr and Google Photos.

Personally I prefer Flickr but you might find the Google option easier since you already have a Google account.